Making good food accessible

Making good food accessible again, that’s what drives Publiek.
Founder Ben Plassard loves to offer this in a cozy and relaxed setting whilst exceeding the expectations of his guests. Publiek is created by a small team of enthusiastic people, with a common background in the luxury restaurant industry and a shared desire to serve delicious food and drinks to a broad audience. Publiek is a place where the cooking pleasure of a French bistro is united with the cosiness of an Amsterdam café.

Extraordinary wines and food combinations

The secret to our fabulous wines is that they are selected with the help of Remi, Ben’s father. Remi lives in the South of France where he has been working as a praised wine merchant for many years, always passionately searching for great quality wines. We are really proud that we can offer these delicious wines in Amsterdam to accompany our dishes.

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