Short menu, great flavors


Publiek strives for dishes of a high standard with fast and good service. We not only adjust our menu every season, but also the availability of ingredients within the season so that we can always surprise our guests with rich, balanced flavors. In addition, we make as many products as possible ourselves, from bread to desserts, and we call on the experts where necessary, such as sustainable coffee from Friedhats Coffee Roasters.

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A wine list to be proud of


The wine list of Publiek is a special one! The wines are carefully selected by Ben and his father, keeping an eye on the season and flavor combination of our dishes. In addition to our regular favorites, we offer a few extra light and sparkling wines in the summer, and in the dark days we supplement the menu with some full, red, beautiful wines. Our wine list contains a wide selection from mainly French regions, which can usually be ordered by glass, carafe or bottle.


Of course the beer lover is also very welcome here. In addition to a large beer menu with small Dutch breweries, we also serve our own Publiek Pils and we always have two special beers on tap.

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